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My name is Eva.

Welcome to my website.

About me

I am a Hungarian photographer based in Gothenburg, Sweden who likes capturing love in all its forms, let it be a wedding, couple, family, maternity, or newborn photography.

I moved here in 2019 to follow my childhood dream and live abroad to experience what the world is like outside the bubble I lived in. Well, I have to say I fell in love with Sweden and decided to stay here for a while. How long? Who knows.. :)


Things I like

nature | autumn | running | travelling | flowers | ice cream | plants | margherita pizza | semla | dancing | hanging out with friends | sci-fi | and of course photography

My style

What I am trying to capture in my photos is not only the subject itself but rather the feelings and emotions associated with a particular place, situation, or person. And for me this is the primary goal of photography, to immortalise these feelings in a timeless, elegant but playful way.

During the last couple of years, couple and wedding photography became my huge passion, which brings me an incredible amount of happiness.
If you would like me to be your photographer, do not hesitate to contact me.

I am more than happy to document your love, your wedding, or any important or everyday moment of your life.

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